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About the Administrator

Important Notice!
Please note that the Administrator is unable to modify, ignore or set aside any terms of the Settlement Agreement or Court Approved Protocols.

On March 9, 2000, the Courts appointed Crawford & Company to act as Administrator of the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Class Actions Settlement.

The Administrator is charged with operating the 1986-1990 Hepatitis C Claims Centre and offers services across the country in French and in English.

The duties of the Administrator include:

  • Developing and implementing systems for receiving, processing, evaluating and making decisions on claims
  • Supplying claim forms
  • Assisting claimants and their families in the completion of claim forms
  • Making necessary inquiries (including consulting medical personnel) to determine the validity of any claim including requiring any claimant to undergo a medical examination
  • Initiating or expediting completion of tracebacks where such procedures are necessary
  • Receiving and responding to enquiries and correspondence about claims
  • Receiving monies from the Trust Fund and forwarding compensation to approved claimants in accordance with the Settlement Agreement
  • Reporting on operations to the Joint Committee and the Courts

About Crawford Class Action Services

Crawford Class Action Services is an operating Division of Crawford & Company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crawford and Company, the largest claims adjudication and risk management firm in the world. Crawford and Company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Since 1999, Crawford Class Action Services has administered the largest and most complex class action administrations approved by Canadian Courts. With offices located in Kitchener, Walkerton, Ottawa and Montreal, we offer our services across Canada in French and in English.

Crawford Class Action Services administers settlement funds over $1.0 billion. Our administrations include; Mangan v. Inco, Hepatitis C (1986-90), Walkerton Compensation Plan, Cotter v. Levy et al (Plastimet), Knowles v. Wyeth-Ayerst,( Pondimin diet drugs), Alfresh Beverages v. Hoechst et al (Sorbates, Sorbates II,) Cohen et al v. Centerpulse Orthopedics Inc.(Centerpulse Hip Replacements), Shell Polybutylene Pipes.

For more information and links to our administrations and services please view www.classactionservices.ca.

Crawford & Company's Mission

To provide the best service to the customers.

In pursuit of Crawford & Company's mission, Crawford believes in:

  • Providing quality, value-added services
  • Acting responsibly with honesty and integrity
  • Open, positive communication which encourages teamwork and loyalty with our customers and employees
  • Recognizing the value and contributions of all our employees
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment
  • A commitment to continuous learning, improvement and innovation
  • Acting to provide stability and profitability showing long-term growth for our shareholders
  • Educating others by the example we set

Crawford Class Action Services Privacy Policy


Crawford Class Action Services respects the privacy of the individual and is committed to protecting all personal information of individual employees and claimants from improper use and disclosure. We are committed to:

  • Keeping all personal information accurate, confidential, secure and private,
  • Upholding the privacy and confidentiality commitments required within the Class Action Settlement Agreements we are appointed by the Court to administer,
  • Upholding the privacy commitments of our business partners and clients with regard to the personal information of others that they make available to us in our capacity as a third party claims service provider and an employee benefits provider.


This policy establishes the responsibilities and requirements for the appropriate collection, use, and disclosure of personal information in executing our role as a Class Action Settlement Administrator.

This policy meets the legislative requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Crawford Class Action Services collects, uses, and will only disclose personal information for the purposes of:

  1. Administering Class Action Settlement Agreements according to the terms and conditions of those Agreements as approved by the Courts;
  2. Evaluating and considering a claimant’s eligibility status under a Class Action Settlement Agreement;
  3. Ensuring the claimant’s personal information is accurate, complete, and as current as possible;
  4. Establishing and maintaining claimant communication;
  5. Compiling reports and statistics for the Court;
  6. Complying with any legal requirements as may be imposed from time to time under the Court’s ongoing authority and supervision;
  7. Conducting quality assurance and Court ordered audits;
  8. Offering and providing services to meet the demands of the Court.

Where Personal Information is collected, used, or retained that includes the personal information of other identifiable individuals, this Personal Information will not be released to or shared with those identifiable individuals, nor will their Personal Information be released to or shared with anyone, UNLESS written consent has been obtained from the employee, or claimant, or the other identifiable individuals authorizing such release or sharing of such Personal Information, unless required by law, or authorized by the Court according to the terms and conditions of the Settlement Agreement.

At the point of collection, employees/claimants will be informed that their personal information is being collected; the purpose for which it is being collected, and that they have a right of access to the information, and to request corrections or additions to their Personal Information if they feel there are inaccuracies.


Personal Information

Personal Information includes but may not be limited to information about an identifiable individual, presented in any form, such as: age, name, file number(s), income, ethnic origin, opinions, evaluations, social status, disciplinary actions, financial services and credit records, medical records, weight, height, and blood type.

Personal Information does not include job titles, telephone numbers, addresses, business card information, or any Personal Information accessible through publicly available information.  


Crawford Class Action Services deploys the most up to date security measures to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to our Information Technology network.

To remain competitive and offer superior service at a lower cost, it is essential that Crawford Class Action Services continue to collect, use, disclose and transmit Personal Information and documents by electronic means, and according to the principles of PIPEDA.

While Information Technology systems require ongoing supervision and upgrading to provide the necessary security to prevent unauthorized access, it is permissible to transmit Personal Information by electronic means. In rare circumstances where sensitive Personal Information requires distribution, common sense, experience, and the exigencies of the circumstances will guide the originator as to their selection of communication method.


To prevent the inappropriate use of Personal Information, Crawford Class Action Services has established this Privacy Act policy, communicated its content to all staff via training session, and included the Privacy Act requirements in all Class Action Administration documentation.

Crawford & Company has instituted the following procedures:

A.   A Privacy Officer has been appointed.
B.   The Privacy officer will investigate all written complaints.


Failure to comply with the standards and requirements of this policy may result in formal corrective or disciplinary action including the termination of employment. Unauthorized disclosure of personal information, documents, or records containing personal information may constitute a violation of federal or provincial laws.


A. All Employees

It is the responsibility of all employees to understand and comply with the provisions of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Class Action Settlement Agreements that pertain to their activities and/or areas of responsibility.

B. Human Resources

Crawford Class Action Services and Crawford & Company are responsible for:

  1. Protecting the personal information provided by our employees;
  2. Developing and administering the necessary security procedures and standards to protect the personal information assets of Crawford Class Action Services and our employees;
  3. Providing advice and recommendations on personal information security goals, objectives, procedures, and standards;
  4. Ensuring all employees are provided effective education and direction with respect to PIPEDA, related responsibilities and requirements during their initial orientation;
  5. Ensuring employees have easy access to their own personal information and that any inaccuracies are corrected within 30 days of any such request.

C. Management

It is the responsibility of all management staff to implement this privacy policy, ensures its compliance, and where required, implement personal information security guidelines, procedures and/or practices consistent with the guidelines of Crawford & Company.

D. Staff 

It is the responsibility of all Crawford Class Action Services staff to comply with this privacy policy and any other personal information security guidelines, procedures and/or practices implemented by Crawford Class Action Services from time to time to meet evolving requirements under PIPEDA.

E. Privacy Officer

It is the responsibility of Crawford’s privacy officer to investigate all complaints. If a complaint is found to be justified, Crawford Class Action Services and Crawford & Company will take all appropriate measures, including, if necessary amending our policies and practices.

If you have any questions about our privacy policies or procedures, please contact our Privacy Officer:

Privacy Officer
Crawford & Company Inc.
539 Riverbend Dr.
Kitchener ON N2K 3S3
Telephone: (519) 578-5540
Fax: (519) 578-2868
Email: privacyofficer@crawco.ca