Hepatitis C - Class Actions Settlement
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General Questions

How do I submit a Claim for reassessment?

An HCV Infected Person may file for reassessment by submitting a new TRAN 2 or HEMO 2 Form, along with medical evidence from his or her treating physician supporting the higher disease level.

It is important to note that the reassessment will be processed on a low priority basis. According to Section 7.01(1) of Transfused Plan (Schedule A) and Hemophiliac Plan (Schedule B), an Approved HCV Infected Person or the Approved Dependant may apply to the Administrator for periodic reassessment of their compensation, but not more frequently than every two years, unless the Administrator is satisfied there are exceptional circumstances that require more frequent reassessment.

However, in Section 7.01(2) of the Transfused Plan (Schedule A) and Hemophiliac Plan (Schedule B), the Administrator may at any time and from time to time reassess the compensation payable to any Approved HCV Infected Person or the Approved Dependants if the Administrator determines that there has been a material change in circumstances.

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